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Conscious Profits Unfiltered with Sebastian Naum

Dec 16, 2021

Today I had on an incredible man by the name Tim Shurr.

A Top Multi-Award Winning Hypnotist who’s been featured all over television. And if you stick around you’ll see that I actually asked him to hypnotize me live on the show.

He has facilitated over 15,000 individual coaching sessions and hundreds of group training experiences over the last 32 years and discovered how to quickly eliminate anxiety and self-sabotage while skyrocketing productivity and leadership impact. 

As an award-winning Leadership Speaker, Tim has helped Corporate Clients earn millions in annual revenue using the One Belief Away Method from his book, One Belief Away! 

Tim's approach is so effective, he's been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, and the TEDx stage.  He's also the founder of the Global Legend Summit and host of the popular, How To Be Mesmerizing podcast. 

Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Tim’s last oh shit moment
  • Why are we one belief away from exponential growth? It seems natural to think that many things must take place in order to have massive growth.
  • Self-worthiness
  • Transparency in the workplace.
  • Amway story about top revenue leader and playing it small vs playing it big.
  • Tim talks about the Human Operating System.
  • Humans download malware aka self-limiting beliefs that hide in the operating system of your unconscious mind, holding you back from reaching your full potential. How and why do self-limiting beliefs hide in the subconscious mind?
  • How does one know if they’ve got self-limiting beliefs hiding in their subconscious? Hardware vs software.
  • In Tim’s book there is a chapter dedicated to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Tim talks about this.
  • Belief shifting
  • Breakthrough opportunities in uncomfortable situations.
  • How do we upgrade those unconscious beliefs?
  • Tim talks about his 16,000+ individual sessions and speaking all over the US!
  • Why is hypnosis so powerful?
  • Story about the fastest hypnosis session Tim has ever had.
  • Tim has hosted and worked with some big names such as Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Seth Godin and others. 
  • Tim shares a nugget about Seth Godin.
  • Smallest viable audience, finding a niche and not caring about social media.
  • Marketing is “love letters”
  • 6 steps to manifesting anything form Tim’s book.
  • Tim hypnotizes Sebastian right on the show in live form!
  • Building conscious leaders
  • Tim shares his top two traits for a conscious leader to embody

Connect with Tim Shurr at and get his book, One Belief Away on Amazon.

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